2019 Market Update
A home is where our lives happen, where we gather at the end of a hectic day, spend time with family, it’s a space for relaxation and for many a place to work. In addition to the personal uses of the home, it is also a financial investment - often the largest in our lives.

There are countless factors taken into consideration when beginning the home buying or selling process. Today, we have access to a mind-boggling amount of information about homes, neighborhoods, cities and more… all right at our fingertips!  Our group of professionals at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices understands that all this research can become overwhelming. We strive to help our clients make sense of the information allowing them to have confidence in their decisions about real estate. This is why we distill some of the most meaningful statistics into this Mid-Year market update.

Ours is a thriving community and we hope this update on the local Tri-Cities Real Estate Market will present insights into the trends and numbers that shape and illuminate the socio-economic progress made here in the Tri-Cities. We work hard to provide uncomplicated observations and maybe some “a-ha moments” you may find useful, regardless of whether you are looking for a home, selling a home, or simply a member of the community interested in the market.